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Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider street
Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 2021
From AED 5,000 Per Day
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Lamborghini Huracan street
Lamborghini Huracan Black
From AED 2,700 Per Day
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Rolls Royce Ghost street
Rolls Royce Ghost
From AED 2,500 Per Day
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The Car of Your Dreams Is Just a Few Taps Away

Sports Cars

Dubai Sports Car Rental

Dubai Sports Car Rental has a wide assortment of exotic cars from all the premium brands. Be it a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce, renting a luxury car has never been easier in the UAE.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso
334 km/hr 334 km/hr
2 seats 2 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 2,900
Lamborghini Aventador
349 km/hr 349 km/hr
2 seats 2 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 4,100
Lamborghini Huracan Black
325 km/hr 325 km/hr
2 seats 2 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 2,700
McLaren 720s 2020
348 km/hr 348 km/hr
2 seats 2 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 4,500
Ferrari Portofino
Ferrari Portofino Red
320 km/hr 320 km/hr
4 seats 4 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 3,300
Lamborghini Urus 2021
Lamborghini Urus 2021
305 km/hr 305 km/hr
5 seats 5 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 3,500

Explore Top Brands

Choose from our handpicked collection of car models of premium luxury sports car brands.

Don’t Just Imagine It, Drive It.

Bustling city streets, endless desert roads, and winding mountains await!


Stellar Choices for Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Choose from our range of classically gorgeous luxury car options below.

Rolls Royce Wraith
250 km/hr 250 km/hr
4 seats 4 seats
4 doors 4 doors
Rolls Royce
1 Day AED 3,000
Bentley Continental GT Yellow
318 km/hr 318 km/hr
2 seats 2 seats
2 doors 2 doors
1 Day AED 1,900
Bentley Bentayga 2019 Gold
305 km/hr 305 km/hr
4 seats 4 seats
4 doors 4 doors
1 Day AED 2,500
Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe
Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe
280 km/hr 280 km/hr
5 seats 5 seats
4 doors 4 doors
Mercedes Benz
1 Day AED 1,500
Rolls Royce Cullinan 2021
Rolls Royce Cullinan 2021
250 km/hr 250 km/hr
4 seats 4 seats
4 doors 4 doors
Rolls Royce
1 Day AED 5,500
Mercedes Benz G63 2019
Mercedes Benz G63
240 km/hr 240 km/hr
5 seats 5 seats
4 doors 4 doors
Mercedes Benz
1 Day AED 2,500

How It Works

01 Fill in your personal information & make the payment

Select the car model of your choice

02 Get ready to experience the thrill

Confirm car availability for the selected dates

03 Select a model to experience

Add your personal information and make the payment

04 Check car availability on your preferred dates

Look forward to the ride of a lifetime!

Renting a luxury car in Dubai has never been so easy

With a plethora of choices, we have made car rental a smooth process overall. There is a car for everyone at our rental showroom. For people looking for a comfy ride with the family, we have options like the Rolls Royce Cullinan and the Bentley Bentayga. If you are more of a speed-chaser and looking for a thrilling ride, you can go with one of our two-seater sports cars, including the Ferrari F8 Tributo, and the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.

car rental options in dubai

We have a variety of exotic cars available with flexible rental options. You can rent any luxury sports car from us on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as per your requirements. In case you need any further flexibility during your rental period, just let us know and we will move a few things around for you as well. All we look forward to is that you have a wonderful time in the UAE as you get to drive your dream car.

Luxury sports cars that we have for rent in Dubai

With the huge fleet, you will get a lot of options to choose from. This not only lets you get exactly what you want but also allows you to fulfill all your needs. From Porsche to Rolls Royce, we have most of the luxury car brands under the roof.

Check out our top brand options for luxury car rental Dubai below:

  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • McLaren
  • Porsche
  • Rolls Royce
  • BMW
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Bentley


The Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has manufactured some of the fastest cars on the planet. You can now hire Ferrari in Dubai from us and make your dream of driving one in Dubai come true. Well, you don’t have to think about it anymore as you can drive on with Dubai Sports Car Rental. From the Ferrari Roma to the 488 Spider, pick any of your favorite models and get going.


Lamborghini is yet another Italian sports car manufacturer that has produced cars with breathtaking designs and overwhelming performance. These cars are also widely popular among celebrities including Mariah Carey and Kanye West. One great thing about renting a Lamborghini in Dubai is the sheer amount of options you get. You can always get that sports car feeling with a Huracán but you can never go wrong with the sporty yet spacious Urus.


When it comes to listing down sports cars, no list is complete without the mention of McLaren. Over the years, McLaren has taken advantage of the latest technology and combined it with an aerodynamic design to develop fast cars. If you have always liked cars, you should definitely rent a McLaren in Dubai.


Rolls Royce white

Taking a break from all the sports cars and hopping on to a luxurious ride, we also have various Rolls-Royce models in our fleet. RR is a brand that most celebrities and famous people prefer because of its exceptional comfort and rich interior. Be it the Cullinan or the Wraith, you can travel in style in your favorite Rolls-Royce model.


All the Porsche cars offer the latest innovations inside and out. Among the Porsche fans, the model that is famous is the 911 Carrera and it comes with a powerful and efficient engine. Integrated with cutting-edge technology, these cars also have remarkable designs. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, you should definitely look for a Porsche rental in Dubai.

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” – Ferdinand Porsche


BMW is one of the famous brands and it has been a dream for many to be behind the wheel of one. The German automotive manufacturer has all types of vehicles from sports to luxury sedans to even SUVs. If you are with your family and looking for some thrill, you should definitely get a BMW for rent in Dubai. Under our fleet, you will find all the new models including the BMW X7 and the M4.


With the modern designs and top-of-the-line features, you can never go wrong with Bentley rental in Dubai. You can always take the most popular Bentley Bentayga for a spin and convert your boring holiday into an exciting one. Thanks to its incredible performance and spacious interior, you can enjoy the Bentayga with a group of your friends.


Mercedes G wagon

From the Mercedes G63 to the Maybach 650, there are a lot of cars from the German automobile that are popular among car enthusiasts. While something like a G63 would give you that off-road feel, the Maybach 650 will allow you to relax in the backseat as a chauffeur takes you around town. The people who prefer a thrilling ride instead can always opt-in for something like an AMG GTR Pro. In a nutshell, we have something for everyone when it comes to Mercedes rental in Dubai.

Flexible luxury car rental plans you can enjoy in Dubai

One of the many benefits of renting a car from us is that you can choose the rental plan as per your needs. Depending on your needs, you can either rent the luxury car for a day or for a whole month. For your better understanding, we have listed the types of rental plans available:

Rent a car for a day

Always wanted to take that special person to the prom night in a sports car? It is now possible with our luxury car rental store. With our fleet of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other luxury sports cars, you can have the perfect moment that you have always dreamed of. Not just that, you can also rent our exotic cars for business meetings or even for a weekend getaway.

Rent a car for a week

If you have come to visit Dubai for a week as a tourist, you can always rent a luxury car from us for the whole week. With SUV options like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, you can roam around the city with your whole family.

Rent a car for a month

Feel like a week would not be enough? There are options to rent a car for even a complete month. With some of the models, we even offer discounts on a month-long rental. This way you cannot just explore the streets of Dubai but also head over to other emirates including Abu Dhabi.

Why should you rent a sports car in Dubai?

Renting a sports car is more than just fulfilling your dreams and desires. While there could be a million reasons behind renting a car, there are some that most people look for. These include the following:

Experience of a lifetime

Dubai is a place where everyone wants to flaunt a luxurious lifestyle. Then why should you take the backseat when you can get behind the wheel and have a thrilling experience. As a city, Dubai offers all the options you want in order to experience extreme luxury, and Dubai Sports Car Rental helps you widen your horizons further.

ferrari interior

If you have been a sports car enthusiast, you can hire a McLaren 720s or a Lamborghini Huracán STO. On the other hand, if you have always wanted to have an opulent experience driving a car on the streets of Dubai, you can choose something like the Bentley Bentayga or the BMW 750 Li.

Creating a great first impression

First impressions last forever. If you know that then you would do anything to make a great first impression. You can pick up your date in a convertible Ferrari 488 Spider or you can go to that business meeting in a Mercedes Benz Maybach 650. With this, you can ensure that you create an everlasting impression.

Photoshoot for your YouTube channel or Instagram

Everyone likes to flaunt on their Instagram stories or YouTube vlogs. While you can get a lot of opportunities to get the flashiest content for the platform, nothing can beat driving a luxury sports car in Dubai. With various rental options available at Dubai Sports Car Rental, you can now rent a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

There are multiple locations where you can take these cars to shoot all the photos and videos you want. At the Meydan Bridge, you can take nice-looking pictures or you can take the car to Kite Beach for some dazzling photographs.

Documents required to enjoy exotic car rental services in Dubai

Renting a luxury sports car from us is as easy as it gets. You do not require many documents to get yourself behind the wheel of one of the exotic vehicles. If you are already excited to drive your favorite car on the smooth roads of Dubai, here are some documents that you should possess.

For UAE residents For tourists in UAE
Passport copy Original passport
Valid UAE driving license Visit visa
Emirates ID Valid International driving permit

If you are visiting UAE from European and GCC countries, you can drive the rental car on your home country license.

Things to consider before renting a sports car in Dubai

Before you lock in on your decision, there are a couple of things that you should be clear about.

When you pick up the car or take delivery, it is always a good practice to check for existing dents and scratches. Although we offer the cleanest cars possible, it is still better to shoot a video circling the car and take close-up pictures in case you see any damage.

lamborghini in dubai

As for the security deposit, it is advisable to provide it by credit card as a pre-authorization block.

Lastly, you should always check all documents before signing the rental agreement. With all that in check, you can drive your favorite red Ferrari in the streets of Dubai as seen in Jackie Chan’s film Vanguard.

Deals you can get when hiring a luxury sports car

We not only get you the best cars but we also offer you the best deals on them. From time to time, we run various campaigns on our social media platforms. In order to ensure you do not miss out on any of them, make sure that you are following us on Instagram.

Besides that, we can also get you a good deal if you are looking to drive an exotic car for a longer duration. Also, if you and your friends walk in to rent two or more cars for a good amount of time, we can definitely offer a fruitful deal.

Things you should remember while renting a luxury car in Dubai

The roads in the UAE are generally quite safe and the country is able to ensure that by setting certain rules and regulations. When renting a luxury car in Dubai, you have to make sure that you abide by all the rules and take care of all kinds of fees. Besides that, you even have to take care of parking fees as well as tolls.

  • Parking
  • Salik
  • Speed limits
  • Other fines
  • Any mishappening


Dubai has multiple parking zones throughout the city and the fare varies depending on which zone you park in. There are a total of 11 zones, namely Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Zone D, Zone E, Zone F, Zone G, Zone H, Zone I, Zone J, and Zone K. You can pay for the parking using the RTA Dubai app. You can also pay at a nearby parking machine using coins or your NOL card. It is worth noting that if you fail to pay for parking or you don’t renew it on time, you might get fined. Just like Dubai, other emirates also have paid parking, and failing to pay for one might attract a fine.


All the roads in Dubai are smooth and highly maintained. This means you can have a great time driving your luxury rental car on the streets. But this also means that you have to pay a toll fee or more commonly known as Salik in Dubai. There is an RFID tag installed on the car and whenever you cross these Salik tolls, you will be charged accordingly. Since you have rented the car from us, you do not have to worry about paying as you go. Instead, you can just pay the complete amount together while returning the vehicle.

Speed limits

ferrari blue

Speed limits in Dubai can range from 40kmph all the way up to 120kmph. Sign boards for speed limits are placed everywhere and it is really important for the driver to keep noticing the change in speed and act accordingly. Another thing worth mentioning is that Dubai has a grace limit as well. It means that if the speed limit of a road is 120kmph, you can speed up to 140kmph. Similarly, if the speed is 120kmph, your speed should be no less than 100kmph. These limits are set to ensure the safety of the drivers and for those around them.

Other fines

To ensure the safety of people on the roads, the UAE has strict laws. This basically means that there is a fine for almost everything that you do wrong. So, in order to have a smooth and happy trip, make sure you do not break any rules. There are huge fines and even black points for the following:

  • Jumping a red light.
  • Drinking and driving
  • Rash driving
  • Tailgating

These are just a few of the fines. So, it is important that you go through the rules and regulations so that you can have a tension-free driving experience.

Any mishappening

All the aforementioned things are necessary to know regardless of what car you are driving. But if you are driving a rental car, you must be wondering what happens if you get into an unfortunate accident.

In case that happens, you should not move the car under any circumstances and head over to a safe position. Once you have gotten off the vehicle safely, you should call the police at 999 and report the incident to them. Then, you should call us and we will send our manager to the scene of the incident.

Hire a supercar and get it delivered anywhere in UAE

ferrari key fob

We believe that renting a luxury car should be the easiest for you. This is why we not only help you choose the right vehicle but we also get that dream car of yours right to your doorsteps. With the delivery service, you can either choose to get the car at the airport or you can get it delivered to your house.

You will not only be able to get the car in Dubai but in any emirate including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Benefits when hiring a luxury car with a driver

In order to have a great experience while roaming around the city without any worries, you can always get a luxury car with a driver. Here are all the benefits that you get when you get a luxury car with a driver:

  • Stress-free rides
  • Smooth and relaxing experience
  • Top-notch service

Stress-free rides

With a chauffeur on board, you need to worry about finding any locations. He will drive you from one place to another without any trouble. You can have a stress-free journey. Either you can choose to look at the scenic beauty of the city or you can finish off some work while you travel from one place to another. Moreover, you can also check your phone and talk to your friends without needing to worry about taking the wrong turn or breaking any rules.

Smooth and relaxing experience

All our chauffeurs are professionally trained and they will give you a smooth ride across the city. They are also aware of most destinations, which means they will get you there on time without you having to worry about anything.

Top-notch service

Overall, we ensure that top-notch service is delivered. We make sure that you have a great time sitting at the back of a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Mercedes.

Frequently asked questions when hiring a luxury car in Dubai

How much do exotic car rentals cost in Dubai?

Exotic car rentals start at just AED 1,000 per day. These prices can go all the way up to 15,000 per day depending on which car you pick.

Can tourists hire a sports car in Dubai?

Absolutely. In order to rent a car as a tourist, all you need is an Internation Driving Permit, a passport, and a copy of your visa.

Where can I drive supercars in Dubai?

Once you rent a supercar from us, you can take it anywhere within the UAE. You can enjoy the drive on the Sheikh Zayed Road while looking at the amazing skyscrapers or you can go for a long drive to Jebel Jais mountains.

Can someone else drive my rented luxury car?

We regret to inform you that it is something you cannot do. Only the person who has submitted his/her documents can drive the rented vehicle.

Are there any booking fee charges when hiring an exotic car?

No. When you rent a car directly from us, there is no commission or booking fee involved. You just have to pay 5% VAT.

Why should I submit a security deposit before renting a luxury car?

We take the security deposit to cover any damage that is incurred to the vehicle. The deposit can also be used against any fines. In case everything is fine, we will refund the full security deposit amount.

Who has to pay for the car parking expenses, fines, or Salik for my rental sportscar?

When you rent a car from us, you will be liable to pay for any parking expenses, fines and Salik toll fees.

What payment methods are available when renting an exotic car in Dubai?

We accept both cash as well as card payments. You can also choose to pay in crypto coins as we accept BTC, ETH and USDT.

What is the kilometer or miles limit for a luxury car rental?

Depending on the car you pick, there will be a kilometer limit for the duration you rent it for.

What if I exceed the kilometer limit for my rental luxury car?

Once you exceed the limit, you will be charged some amount on a per-kilometer basis. This amount varies depending on which car you pick.