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Maserati Rental Dubai 2024

If the idea of racing in a gorgeous car sounds appealing, then you need to check out our options for Maserati rental in Dubai. Few car brands prioritize style like a Maserati, and few cities are as glamorous as Dubai. So rent a Maserati in Dubai, buckle up, and prepare yourself for a ride to remember.

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Maserati rental Dubai- dream, rent, drive!

Maserati ride in Dubai

A Maserati is so obviously gorgeous that it seems silly to even mention it. The popularity of the Maserati brand has been growing in recent years, and it is not surprising. A Maserati car steals the spotlight wherever it is and makes its driver look (and feel) good.

We offer Maserati rental options in Dubai for a day, week, or month for prices starting from 900 AED/day. Our models for Dubai sports car rental include the luxuriously reliable Levante and the playfully powerful GranCabrio. There is no better city to speed along in with a Maserati than Dubai, which makes our fabulous options unmissable.

A magnificent Italian sports car to accelerate on Dubai’s roads

Italian car brands are known for their affinity for creating sports cars that perform as amazingly as they look, and Maserati is no exception. A company that started off selling spark plugs and equipment for World War 1 is now one of the most coveted sports car brands in the world. When you rent a Maserati in Dubai and race through the shimmery streets at night, you will appreciate how subtly powerful the car is.

Top Maserati cars to rent in Dubai

Maserati car design

We have an impressive range of Maserati cars to choose from. While Maserati cars are generally highly versatile, some are more suited for city use while others are better for thrilling long drives. The following are the Maserati car models we offer for rent.

  • Maserati Levante
  • Maserati GranCabrio

Maserati Levante

The Levante perfectly blends the luxury of a Maserati car with the comfort of an SUV. Its name is inspired by the Mediterranean wind which goes from breezy to ferocious all of a sudden. This SUV has been designed to be powerful, and is perfect for long trip on the UAE’s endless roads.

This car is also phenomenal in design, and has a classically appealing exterior. What’s more, it boasts 350 horsepower, a two-wheel drive, a twin-turbocharged 3-litre engine and automatic transmission. Prices to rent this car start from 900 AED per day.

Maserati GranCabrio

The GranCabrio beautifully represents the concept of Grand Touring both in performance and design. While technically this model is a sedan, it moves and speeds like a high-end race car. It features 460 horsepower, has a maximum torque of 520 Nm and also a V8 engine.

One of its best features is the Easy Entry system which enables electronic movement of the seats, making getting in and out of the car more convenient for the passengers. This convertible car will let you go with the wind as you weave your way through Dubai’s streets in style. You can rent this car for prices starting from 1700 AED per day.

What does it cost to rent a Maserati in Dubai?

Maserati rear design

We offer Maserati cars for rent at the best prices. Maserati cars are no doubt popular, especially considering the fact they they appeared in blockbuster movies like the fan-favorite James Bond: Casino Royale, and the hit thriller Limitless. Live like the hero of an adventure movie with our Maserati rental options for the prices given below.

Cruise the city streets for a day

Driving around with a Maserati on the perfect roads of Dubai on a lazy summer afternoon is pure bliss. You can do exactly that when you rent a Maserati for a day with us. Exploring the posh areas of the city at your own pace in a Maserati will be a fabulous experience. Check out the prices below:

  • Maserati Levante – starting from 900 AED per day
  • Maserati GranCabrio – starting from 1700 AED per day

Live out sports car fantasies for a week

A week’s car rental – Dubai Maserati gives you ample time to zoom through deserted roads of the UAE and have a blast. Get your best friends or your special someone to join you, or simply test out your rental car’s speeds alone for a wonderful time. The following are the prices for a week’s rental.

  • Maserati Levante – starting from 6300 AED per week
  • Maserati GranCabrio – starting from 9800 AED per week

Speed in style for a month

The only downside of renting a Maserati from us for a month is that it will be hard to say goodbye. A Maserati is designed to delight its drivers, and you can make full use of its features while you drive it all across the country. Take a look at the prices for a month’s rental below.

  • Maserati Levante – starting from 27000 AED per month
  • Maserati GranCabrio – starting from 28500 AED per month

So, are you ready to speed with a Maserati?

Maserati car light design

Experience the exhilaration and excitement of driving one of the most popular sports cars in the world with our options for Maserati rental Dubai. Enjoy freedom in all its glory as you race along the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai and JBR in a terrific Maserati car.

Frequently asked questions about Maserati rental Dubai

How much does it cost to rent a Maserati in Dubai?

Rental prices for a Maserati Levante start from 900 AED/day, 6300 AED/week and 27000 AED/month. It costs 1700 AED/day, 6300 AED/week and 28500 AED/month and up to rent a Maserati GranCabrio.

Can I rent a Maserati to drive around Dubai?

You can rent a Maserati and drive it around Dubai and the rest of the UAE with Dubai Sports Car Rental.

What Maserati models are available for rent in Dubai?

We offer top Maserati models including Levante and GranCabrio for rent.

Can I drive a Maserati with a Canadian license in Dubai?

Yes. It is alright to drive in the UAE with a Canadian license.

Does dubaisportscarrental.com offer Maserati delivery and pick-up from the airport?

We offer Maserati delivery and pickup for free in Dubai.

Can I rent the Maserati for one day on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? How about renting it for a few hours?

You can rent a Maserati for a day with us if required. You can also rent a Maserati for a few hours. However, weekends can get busy, and it is recommended to make your bookings early on.

Do I need to buy a insurance to rent a Maserati?

We offer free insurance when you book a Maserati car which helps deal with damage, theft, fire and accident cases.

Which is the best model of Maserati to drive in Dubai?

You can rent the Levante if you are hoping to take long trips across the UAE and the GranCabrio if you are looking for thrill and adventure on Dubai’s roads.