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Rent a Jaguar

The best way to explore the UAE as a tourist or even as a resident is to rent a Jaguar in Dubai. As the name depicts, the Jaguar car brand is synonymous with strength, high performance, and comfort. The brand offers a perfect blend of sports and luxury across its models.

In a city of exotic cars, hiring a Jaguar helps you blend in while making a bold statement.

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Rent a Jaguar with the best deals in the UAE

Jaguar car ride Dubai

Getting the best Jaguar rental deals in Dubai is one thing we assure you of at Dubai Sports Car Rental. Our Jaguar car rental range covers many different models like the Jaguar E-Pace, Jaguar F-Pace, and the Jaguar F-Type.

Out of all the brands we offer for luxury car rental in Dubai, Jaguar is one of the most popular. Generally, in the UAE, the market price to rent a Jaguar begins at AED 350 and goes up to around AED 16,000 depending on the length of time and the model you are hiring.

Rent a Jaguar for a day

Need to rent a Jaguar for a day? The rental costs range between AED 350 and AED 900 depending on the model and year of the Jaguar you are interested in.

Hire a Jaguar for a week

Weekly Jaguar car rental in Dubai costs between AED 2500 -AED 5000.

Monthly Jaguar rental

To hire a Jaguar in the UAE for a month, rental costs range between AED 9200 – AED 16,000.

Upgrade your driving experience by hiring a sports Jaguar car in Dubai

Jaguar dubai interior

In over 80 years of production, each new Jaguar model has built on the brand’s legacy of speed, performance, state-of-the-art amenities, and luxury.

Heard of the Jaguar F-Type? The beauty stands lean and athletic from any angle of consideration with forward-facing cameras and emergency brakes to mitigate a collision. Not excluding its rapid acceleration born from a powerful 5.0-liter V8 575 hp engine, a Jaguar F-Type rental would be top of any car enthusiast’s consideration any day!

Available both as a coupe and convertible. The Jaguar F-Type features an intuitive Touch Pro™ interface that puts music, your phone, and every convenience that makes the trip worth it within reach. Renting a Jaguar F-Type is definitely your best bet for enjoying your trip in Dubai.

The Jaguar E-Type is another sweetheart for all car lovers in Dubai who know what it is worth. An ultra-rare classic, the Jaguar E-Type is designed for the racecourse and performs like a thoroughbred horse. First introduced into the car market in the sixties and then resurrected as the lightweight E-Type in 2014, there are only 18 units of this car available in the world, making riding one such a rare opportunity.

‘Handmade’ with about 230 individual components, the Jaguar E-Type has iconic features such as a 3.9L/340-hp/280-lb-ft DOHC 12-valve I-6 engine. Its lightweight is due to an aluminum body that sheds the weight of a standard car and aids its speed, the entire package costing an estimated AED 59 million. Your best bet to explore Dubai’s road expanse at 170 mph is to rent a Jaguar E-Type from Dubai Sports Car Rental. You deserve only the rarest of experiences!

Jaguar car rental in just 3 steps

White Jaguar Dubai

Whether a tourist or a resident of the UAE, our car rental process is non-discriminatory and involves simple documents such as a valid passport, visit visa, home driving license, and international driving permit (if required). Renting a car with us is so easy even if you have not booked a car ahead of time. We however rent out cars only to people above 21 years in accordance with the laws of the UAE. The following are the steps to follow to make your booking.

Place a request online

If you wish to initiate your Jaguar rental Dubai process by placing a request online, please go through our listings at the top of the page to see the models we have available for rent and their rental rates. Then select which Jaguar falls within your budget.

Confirm your booking

After you have selected which Jaguar model you would like to hire, reach out to us with your requirements. Our service agents are always available to confirm your booking and support you during the rest of the rental process.

Get your car delivered

We offer doorstep delivery in Dubai. During the Jaguar rental process, you are required to confirm your pickup location. Car delivery to any location in the UAE apart from Dubai is possible at an extra charge.

Why is Jaguar a good car choice to rent in Dubai?

Jaguar dubai interior

As you must have figured out by now, renting a Jaguar is a must-have to explore the roads and deserts of Dubai. Some picturesque places to visit to enjoy the power of a leaping Jaguar machine and take some stunning pictures include the following.

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Dubai Airport
  • Downtown Dubai
  • City Walk Dubai
  • Dubai International Motorshow

The Jaguar is a British brand like McLaren and embodies features like:

  • Speed and performance
  • Superior engine
  • Signature elegance and luxurious amenities

Speed and performance

One of the iconic features that describe a Jaguar brand is its speed and performance on the road. For example, its F-Type models are fitted with supercharged V8 engines that give a maximum speed of up to 250km/h while accelerating at 5.7 sec (km/h). When you need a car to perform, you need to look no further; a Jaguar will knock over your expectations.

Jaguar engine

On the strength of its engine, Jaguar base vehicles feature a standard powertrain of 247-Horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged Ingenium 4-cylinder engine. No other brand comes close to its ubiquity and longevity.

Signature elegance and luxurious amenities

Many sports cars are a compromise between luxury, speed, and comfort—but not the Jaguar. One of its legacies is the uniqueness of its design which many competitors have been unable to replicate. With comfortable interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, and exceptional performance, you can never go wrong when you choose to hire a Jaguar in Dubai

Comfortable features for a convenient ride

Are you in Dubai on a family trip? Or would you prefer to travel solo yet in a spacious car? Then look no further than hiring a Jaguar F-Type in Dubai.

The Jaguar F-Type coupe is comfortable to drive and has a 4-passenger capacity that is perfect for a family trip. The leather seats are adjustable in 12 different directions, giving you room to choose your own sweet spot. You can decide on whether to heat up your seat or not.

Looking to enjoy a long ride with the music at full blast? Then the intuitive Touch Pro™ interface allows you to access your phone and turn up your music at ease. You even get to use the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at no extra cost. Click here to get a Jaguar and F-pace for rent in Dubai.

Driving rules and regulations to follow driving a Jaguar car in Dubai

Jaguar Dubai steering

Driving rules and regulations are not much different in Dubai than they are anywhere else in the world, regardless of whether you are driving a Jaguar or any other car brand.

Some of the driving rules and regulations include the use of a seatbelt while driving, avoiding the use of a phone while driving, no tailgating, maintaining speed limits, no drunk driving, and other general driving rules.

You will be driving on the right side of the road and passing on the left like many countries of the world. You need to pay attention to this factor if you are from the UK or Australia.

It’s time to get, set go!

Are you ready to rent a Jaguar and catch the best UAE city skylines at full speed? Make your booking today!

Frequently asked questions on Jaguar rental in Dubai

How much does parking cost in the UAE?

The public parking costs vary from city to city and zone to zone in the UAE, but in general, the prices are AED 2 per hour, AED 5 for two hours, AED 8 for three hours, and AED 10 for 24 hours. Parking at malls is free on Sundays and public holidays, and people with disabilities can always park for free.

When will I get my security deposit back for my Jaguar booking?

Security deposits are usually blocked on your credit card to pay for fines, tolls, car damages and other deductibles that are ensued during the leasing. You should receive your deposit without any deductibles within 14-20 days.

What is the speed limit in Dubai to note when renting a Jaguar?

Motorways in Dubai have a speed limit of 120km/h, urban areas have a speed limit of 60km/h while residential areas have a speed limit of 40km/h.

Which driving licenses are valid in the UAE to drive a Jaguar?

Many European countries like Austria, Belgium, Italy, and the UK can use their home driving license in Dubai. Other countries with valid licenses in UAE are Canada and the US, GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and many more.