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GMC Rental Dubai

If you need a sturdy vehicle that can perform effectively and make your road journey a smooth one, check out our GMC rental Dubai services. We have the latest and most luxurious car models. We also have sports cars and even rare models that are most searched for at our service. What’s more, is that we even have the first hydrogen fuel cell car in our collection. The icing on the cake is that these and other awesome services come at the best prices you can ever find.

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GMC rental Dubai – best rental deals to let you drive your dream car

GMC car model Dubai

As one of the leading GMC rental Dubai rentals, we provide you with the best GMC models for sports car rental Dubai. Whether it’s an SUV, a truck, or a bus, we’ve got you covered. We also provide luxurious cars for rental for those who want to enjoy comfort and class as they drive through the streets of Dubai. Sports enthusiasts are not left out as we have a wide range of powerful and super fast sports cars to give you the thrilling feeling of racing through the city.

We pride ourselves on being customer-oriented, which is why all of our services are done with the satisfaction of our clients as the ultimate objective. All of our car models are not only the latest models, but they’re also reliable, safe, and highly maintained. The same goes for our trucks and bosses. While other car rentals offer old models at extremely high mileage, our GMC rental service provides our customers with the latest models to suit their status, and everything comes at a great price. You can choose to pay hourly, weekly, and even monthly.

Aside from offering vehicles for rental, our options for Dubai GMC car rental are accompanied with services like chauffeur packages, pickup and drop-offs, and several others. The rental process is very easy and fast, and in less than an hour, you’ve already gotten your dream car ready to be driven. When you rent a car from our GMC rental in Dubai, you’re guaranteed an amazing car and an overall memorable driving experience.

GMC is a great choice when you need a reliable car

If you’re in need of a reliable car that not only provides comfort but also guarantees your safety, get a car with our car rental service. Our car models have the best features for a smooth and delightful ride. We’re not just any regular car rental service in Dubai; we offer the best GMC car deals. GMC is actually the third largest brand of General Motors globally. Founded by the Grabowsky brothers, Max and Morris, GMC is around 122 years old as it was founded in 1990 in Detroit.

Here are some things you stand to benefit from when you rent our GMC vehicles.

Cabin comforts

Renting a GMC SUV or truck is the perfect way to enjoy an off-road traveling experience, especially with family or friends. GMC vehicles come with spacious cabins that provide comfort and convenience when traveling with a group. They also have really amazing family-friendly facilities to make the driving experience as fun as possible.

Tech tools

One of the reasons why GMC vehicles are a top choice for anyone who visits our car rental service is its high technology tools. GMC cars are made with the best innovative technologies to make for a wonderful time at the steering. The aerodynamic interiors and triple steel doors are made with technology that blocks noise. You also have access to 4G WiFi, Apple and Android advanced connectivity, a mobile app, and so much more.

Optimal performance

When it comes to performance, our GMC vehicles ace all categories. They have spacious cabins and are designed with advanced technology, but these vehicles are also built for power. From their sizes and look, it’s quite easy to tell that these cars are sturdy and built to tackle any road or weather condition with ease. Whether snowy or rainy, riding in a GMC vehicle guarantees your safety, as these cars are built to withstand challenging driving conditions.

History of the GMC brand

GMC car in the sunset

GMC is a division of the General Motors Corporation founded by Max and Morris Grabowsky in 1900 somewhere in Detroit. It was formerly known as General Motors Truck Company or GMC Truck and Coach Division. GMC is mainly for manufacturing trucks, SUVs, and other utility vehicles. However, there are also some luxurious models like the GMC Yukon, Sierra, S-15, among others.

Turned 100 years old

Founded in 1900, GMC is over 100 years old and has been manufacturing trucks, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles for a very long time. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and has become a household name in the world of automobile manufacturers and lovers alike. It has continued to produce high-quality vehicles and recently released its Hummer EV lineup, which comprises an SUV, an electric pickup truck with over a thousand horsepower, and a high speed alongside two Hummer models.

GMC built the world’s earliest electric vehicles

Although many people applaud the efforts of GMC in creating an electric pickup truck, it’s actually not their first. What most people may know is that GMC is one of the first automobile companies to have built the world’s earliest electric vehicles. Between 1996 and 1999, the company launched the General Motors EV1, which was the earliest mass-produced electric car. The EV1 was only allowed on leases until 2002, when its production was discontinued, and all leased cars were taken off the road by the company.

Faster growing company

Over time, GMC has experienced massive growth and has racked in billions of dollars in profit. Now many car rental services GMC vehicles for sales, leading to an increase in revenue for both rental services and the company. In recent years, the company has experienced a 91% increase which only shows that it is experiencing success in its production and sales.

Are you ready for your next trip in a GMC?

GMC ride in Dubai

Renting a vehicle from our GMC rental in Dubai comes at the best prices. We offer the best and latest models at an unrivaled price. Unlike many rentals that offer older models at a high cost, our prices are quite flexible and broken down into flexible price packages, which are the hourly, weekly, and monthly prices

Hourly prices

Get a GMC Yukon rental or other GMC vehicles for an hourly price starting from AED 700.

Weekly prices

You can charter any of our GMC vehicles for a weekly rate for prices starting from AED 4900.

Monthly prices

If you’re renting our GMC vehicles for a long period, you can opt for the monthly price package for prices starting from AED 21000.

Drive a GMC and enjoy the trip you deserve

gmc ride Dubai

What else are you waiting for? Hurry now and go through our GMC vehicle listing to select a GMC car of your choice for hire and ride along Dubai’s streets in style. We are always online 24/7 to answer your inquiries. Our rental process is very easy and can be completed in a few steps. Just fill in your details, and our experts will take you through the paperwork process. From there, everything becomes smooth and easy till you get behind the wheels of your favorite GMC vehicle.

Frequently asked questions about GMC rental Dubai

Can I reserve a specific make, model, or color of a GMC car?

Of course, you can make reservations with our GMC car rental service for a specific GMC model or color. We will get back to you immediately with our availability updates.

Can I pick up my GMC car at my home location?

You can have your GMC delivered to your home location. However, this comes at an extra charge if you are outside Dubai.

What are the age requirements for hiring a GMC?

Although the legal age to drive a car in the UAE is 18 years old. Renting an exotic vehicle is different. At our GMC rental Dubai service, we require our clients to be 21 years and above to be able to rent our GMC vehicles.

Will I have to leave a deposit when I pick my GMC up?

Yes, you will have to leave a deposit when common to pick up your GMC rental vehicle as part of our rental service policy.