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How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Driving in 2024

Wearing the right sunglasses while driving is important to ensure a safe driving experience. The market is packed with a plethora of different sunglass types, hence, choosing the perfect shades might get tricky. To guide you through the best sunglasses for driving we have put together a couple of important factors to note.

Best sunglasses to wear while driving

Top five things to know while choosing the best sunglasses for driving

Having the right sunglasses to compliment your sense of style is essential. Not only that, but it’s important to note that you choose the shades that are safe while driving. Here are the top 5 things you should know while choosing your sunglasses:

  • Style of the frame
  • Tint color of the glasses
  • Polarized lenses
  • Coating on your lenses
  • Density of tint

Style of the frame

Best driving Sunglasses

There are three basic types of frames which include, full-frame glasses, semi-rim and rimless. While choosing between these different frame styles, it’s important to know that the glasses you choose should not hamper your peripheral vision. Therefore, try avoiding large glasses with oversized frames in order to make sure that you have clear visibility of the roads.

Tint color of the glasses

Sunglasses of different tint color can impact the visibility of a driver. Amongst all the colors available out there, grey and brown color tints have proven to be safe, with its clear visibility and visual appeal. We advise drivers to carefully choose the tint color to ensure safe driving.

Polarized sunglasses for driving

A type of sunglasses that is best suited to wear during hazy weather conditions, polarized lenses provide greater vision and reduced glare while driving. This makes the visibility more clean and sharper.

Sunglasses elevate your sense of style

Coating on your lenses

Sunglasses have an anti-reflective coating on its lens. If they do not have an anti-reflective surface, it can cause extreme glare. This can be a problem while driving, since less light reaches the eye resulting in reduced visibility. Therefore, we recommend choosing sunglasses that are well coated with anti-reflective capability.

Another aspect of coating to consider while choosing sunglasses for driving is scratch resistance. Make sure to find the shades that offer anti-scratch proof coating.

Density of tint

The tint density of your shades will determine the amount of light that reaches your eye, enabling your visibility.

“A perfect pair of sunglasses is a must have while driving”

Most clear lenses allow around 80% to 100% of light to pass through. On the other hand, sunglasses with darker lenses allow only 3% to 8%. About 18% to 43% (medium tint) of light is considered safe to pass through your sunglasses while driving.

10 most popular sunglasses for driving you should know about

10 popular sunglasses for driving

The sunglass market is filled with a wide variety of options. From aviators to sports glasses, here are all the top 10 sunglass models you should consider using while driving:

Sunglass Brand and Model Features Price
RIVBOS (Polarized Driving Shades) Mirror coating with TAC polarized lenses

100% UVB and UVA protection

AED 103
Ray-Ban (Oval lens sunglasses) Metal frame with UV protection lens AED 499
Ray-Ban (RB3548N Hexagonal Sunglasses) 100% UV protection and a gradient lens AED 400
Oakley (Crosshair Aviators) Prizm lens technology, UVA, UVC, and UVB light protection

Blue light protection up to 400mm

AED 594
Ray-Ban (Jackie OHH Polarized Sunglasses) Plastic frame, UV protection, grey gradient lenses AED 599
Serengeti Geary Acetate frame, UV protection, Classic styling AED 1,430
Gucci (Aviator Gold Tone Sunglasses) 100% UV protection, reduced glare, gold frame AED 1,150
Santos De Cartier (Aviator Leather trimmed sunglasses) UV protection, gradient lens, gold plated frame, leather nose AED 3,000
Ray-Ban (Clubmaster) Plastic frame with UV protected lenses AED 506
Persol (model 2445S) Polarized lens for glare reduction and lightweight frame AED 416

The above mentioned sunglasses offer great visibility and protection in extreme sunlight conditions. These sunglasses range from affordable variants to premium ones giving you the opportunity to choose a shade as per your preference.

All of these sunglasses have received positive customer feedback based on comfort while driving, durability and style. Therefore if you have hired an exotic car from a luxury car rental in Dubai, make sure to get yourself a pair of sunglasses that match your car.

Best driving sunglasses

Best driving sunglasses

Choosing the best sunglasses to compliment your sense of fashion, car, and driving, comes down to a few technicalities. Taking the above mentioned factors into consideration will assist you in choosing the right shades. The best way to go about it is by trying out the sunglasses and making sure you have a clear visibility. Whether you are driving a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce, the sunglasses you choose will impact your driving, therefore be wise with your selection.