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Brabus G63 Rental in Dubai - The Complete Guide

The Brabus G63 2020 is a perfect exotic car to rent and ride in luxury. The G63 is a performance-oriented SUV that delivers both speed and comfort; renting one is sure to deliver a thrilling experience. Here’s all you need to know about G Wagon rental in Dubai.

Brabus G63

How and why to rent the Brabus G63

The Brabus G63 is an aesthetically enhanced and performance-oriented SUV compared to the standard Mercedes Benz G63. Before you decide to rent a Brabus, you will first need to look at the features, creature comforts, and performance figures it offers. Following is the list of features:

Bulky and rugged exterior

Brabus exterior is defined by the Brabus Widestar widebody version. It comes in two models, the Brabus 800 and Gold Edition. Body kit modifications for each model consist of special fasciae both at the front and rear side of the vehicle, giving the existing G63 a massive appearance. The car also includes matte black finished air intakes on the hood and front fenders.

Some of the distinguishing factors between the Brabus 800 Black and Gold Edition are golden struts on the radiator gill, glossy exposed carbon elements mounted on the hood, and LED headlight units placed above the windshield.

Meticulously designed and handcrafted interior

Brabus interiors are designed meticulously and are equipped with refined materials. It’s popular for its pristine leather and carbon fiber trims. Black leather is predominantly used to contrast their exterior paint finish. The quality of work certainly signifies the love for details.

High-gloss carbon fiber trims are found all across the interior, with aluminum paddle shifters and door-lock pins. The scuff plates are also finished in premium stainless steel, with Brabus backlit logo. Stock seats on standard G63 are replaced with bucket seats to provide maximum comfort; it offers multi-contour adjustability and memory seats with integrated heating and ventilation.

Multimedia & Technology

Brabus models are fitted with bespoke center consoles and touch-control panels. The technology available provides users with a seamless experience. It comes with memory function, heating and ventilation, USB multi-media interface, Brabus analog clock, reading lamps mounted on the headliner, and much more.

Grunty top-end performance

Brabus comes strapped with a powerful twin-turbocharged engine. The Black 800 Edition has a four-liter, eight-cylinder engine that produces a peak output of 588 KW – 800 horsepower at 6,600rpm. Hi-tech lubricants from Motul are used in the powertrain to provide a seamless driving experience.

Brabus cars

A Brabus G63 sprints to 100km/h (0-60 mph) in just 4.1 seconds, with top speed electronically limited to 240km/h (149mph). The superior performance is complemented by an actively controlled exhaust system with a thrilling exhaust note.

Performance & Equipment highlights

Specifications Performance Figures & Trim
Horsepower and Torque 800 HP & 1000 NM of Torque
Top Speed 240 Km/h (149 mph) (Electronically limited)
Fuel Economy 16.5L/100km city, 11.1/100km highway
0-100 Speed 4.1 Seconds
Number of Seats 4
Interior Carbon Pack Package 1,2 and 3 available
Wheels Front – 11Jx 23 H2 ET 25 spoke design
Rear – 11Jx 23 H2 ET 20 spoke design
Exhaust Brabus Valve-controlled sport exhaust system

Mentioned above are staggering figures that will get any car enthusiast excited. Renting a Brabus in Dubai is popular among tourists. From the level of comfort delivered by its seamless ride quality and plush seats to its top-end performance, all of the features are well balanced for both city use and highway rides.

By offering exquisitely styled and superior ergonomics, Mercedes has become one of the top renting luxury vehicles in the UAE. The following are important points to note regarding the Brabus G63 rental in Dubai:

  • First, it’s crucial to find the best rental car service in Dubai and compare prices
  • Choose the right specced Brabus in accordance with your budget (800 Black/Gold Edition)
  • Evaluate and discuss the insurance policy
  • Provide all the necessary documents for rental, and pay the charges
  • Sign the rental agreement
  • Last but not least, enjoy your drive.

Documents to provide while renting a car are:

  • Passport copy, valid UAE driver’s license, and Emirates ID – UAE residents
  • Original passport, visit visa, and a valid international driving permit – For UAE tourists

Brabus G63 Rental Prices

This particular performance SUV is available in different configurations; therefore, the G Wagon rental in Dubai starts from AED 2,300 per day. Prices vary for the Brabus models. The pros of renting a Brabus in Dubai are that it offers sublime comfort and punchy performance. All at a reasonably affordable price.

Brabus black mercedes

Some of the other popular models to rent

Select a Mercedes of your choice and drive around with sheer comfort and luxury. Following is a list of models available for rent:

  • Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe
  • AMG GTR 2019
  • Mercedes Benz G63 2019
  • G63 2020
  • Mercedes Benz S560 2019
  • S500 2020
  • Mercedes SLS AMG

Things to be mindful of when you rent a Brabus G63

Brabus G wagon

Renting a G63, as easy as it sounds, requires careful attention. Following are a few key points to note post the rental process:

  • Careful Parking
  • Staying within speed limits
  • Mishaps
  • Salik (toll)
  • Any other fines

Parking – There are multiple parking zones in Dubai. Parking prices may vary depending on the zone and can be paid through the RTA app. It is important to note the failure of such payment might result in heavy fines.

Speed limits – A G63 will tempt you to drive faster, and you can do so but within the stipulated limits. In Dubai, speed limits range anywhere from 40kmph to 120kmph. Observing speed signs while driving is crucial to avoid penalties.

Mishaps – What happens if you are involved in an unfortunate accident. Move to a safe place first, inform the police and call us, so we send our representative to the scene to assess the incident.

Salik – It is an RFID tag placed mostly at the top of a car’s windscreen. Renters need not worry about paying a toll every time. Instead, full payment can be made while returning the vehicle.

Other fines – Driving cautiously is necessary for your own safety and others. With continuous monitoring and strict driving rules, fines may be imposed on incidents related to jumping a red signal, drinking and driving, and tailgating.

The above mentioned are some important aspects to remember while renting a car in order to maintain a stress-free driving experience.

Rent exotic cars in Dubai

Of the many popular models offered by car rental services in Dubai, the Brabus G63 is one of the most powerful SUVs available for rent. Dubai sports car rental has a fleet of all the latest cars at competitive prices. From luxurious, performance-oriented cars to fuel-efficient ones, all kinds of cars are available to cater to a renter’s different requirements.