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Check Your Car Before a Road Trip – Pre-Trip Car Inspection

In this blog we will discuss the importance of conducting a pre-trip car inspection before taking the vehicle on a long route. Examining the vehicle can be very important, especially when you depend highly on it for your adventures. Always check the tires, fluid levels, brakes, battery, lights and other features for a safe ride.

Pre-trip Car Inspection

Pre-trip car inspection Steps to check your car before road trip

Before hitting the road for your next adventure, ensuring your car is in its best form is suggested. Conducting a pre-trip car inspection helps identify any underlying problems with the vehicle so it can be treated before you’re on your way. Taking the following steps will guarantee you a safe ride:

  • Check the tires
  • Check the fluid levels
  • Check the brakes
  • Check the battery
  • Check the lights
  • Check the wipers
  • Check the belts and hoses
  • Check the air filter

Check The Tyres

Check the tires

Your tires are the first thing you check. Look for damage or punctures. Well-inflated and properly maintained tires will improve driving experience and fuel efficiency.


Check the fluid levels

The fluid levels in a car include the engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluid. The absence of enough fluids can damage the engine badly. Properly check that the recommended fluid levels are present before beginning the drive.

Check the brakes

We all know what failure of brakes is capable of. Examine the brake pads, rotors and calipers to ensure they are all good. Spongy brakes or strange noises mean there is an issue to be fixed, so rush to your mechanic immediately.

Check Your Car Breaks

Check the battery

Your car’s battery is responsible for powering the electrical components of your car. Before leaving for your trip, check the battery’s terminals and cables for any corrosion or loose connections. If you notice any issues, have them repaired or replaced before hitting the road.

Check the lights

Have a look at the headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals to ensure they’re functioning properly. Dysfunctional lights can cause accidents and you might also get pulled over by the police for it.

Check the wipers

Rain, winds and storms can cause unclear vision therefore it’s essential to get the wipers’ condition checked. An unclear windshield could mean an unsafe drive so replace the wiper blades if they are old or cracked.

Check the belts and hoses

If the belts and hoses are cracked, worn or damaged, replace them immediately. If they’re not in the right condition, they can hamper the functioning and their failure can lead to serious engine damage while driving.

Check The Belts And Hoses

Check the air filter

Your car’s air filter can affect your car’s fuel efficiency and engine performance if they are clogged or dirty so get them checked and even replace them if needed.

Check your car before a road trip in UAE

Getting your car thoroughly inspected before the trip can avoid unexpected troubles on the way and lets you drive with peace of mind. The table below will give you a quick outline of the necessary checks to perform before hitting the road in the UAE:

Particulars Details
Purpose Ensuring the vehicle is in top condition before embarking on a long road trip in the UAE
Recommended checks Checking the tires (pressure, tread or any visible damage), fluid levels (engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid) and brakes
Additional checks Check battery, lights, wipers, belts and hoses
UAE-specific checks AC system, radiator (overheating), sand buildup in filters (dusty conditions) and spare tire
Importance of Inspection Preventing on-road problems and ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey

Since there is extreme heat and dusty conditions in the Emirates, the performance of your car can be affected. We recommend paying extra attention to the car’s air filter and fluid levels. Carefully check the tires and brakes to ensure the car is in the best condition for trouble-free driving in the country.

Pro-tip: Inspect the car pre-trip

Inspecting the car before the trip will help ensure your safety and the proper functioning of the vehicle. It is important to note that, these steps are to be carried out while taking your private vehicle or our luxury car rental for a trip.

Additionally, the steps discussed above will come in handy for identifying any potential issues so you can have them fixed before starting the journey. In case you’re not sure about your inspection skills, you can also have a professional car expert or mechanic do it for you. Have a safe journey!