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Why Is Ferrari So Successful?

This Italian racing company has been a leader in the sports car industry, and continues to deliver exceptional cars to date. To elaborate further on the success story of Ferrari, we take you through its history, racing accolades and the future of Ferrari.

Why is Ferrari So Successful

Know History of the Prancing Horse supercar That made it successful

Why is Ferrari so successful? Are you wondering about it? Lets understand it from the roots. Enzo Ferrari, the visionary behind the inception and success of Ferrari, started producing sports cars back in 1947. But the story of Ferrari starts further back, beginning in 1929, with the establishment of Alfa Romeo’s racing division, Scuderia Ferrari.

“If you spot a beautiful red sports car, it’s most definitely a Ferrari.”

This racing department for Alfa Romeo was set up by Enzo Ferrari, who at the time was a successful race car driver for the brand. Enzo Ferrari possessed great knowledge and expertise towards high performance engines. Scuderia Ferrari helped build powerful sports cars for Alfa Romeo during the 1930s.

In 1939, Enzo Ferrari decided to leave Alfa Romeo to go build his own car company. However, one of the clauses pertaining to his departure stated that he could not use the name ‘Ferrari’ for any of his automotive ventures for another four years. Therefore, his company was named Auto Avio Costruzioni till 1947.

The beginning of Ferrari success story

It was in 1947, when the company rolled out its first car bearing the name, Ferrari, which was called Ferrari 125S. Only two models of the 125S were originally produced in Modena. This particular model was entered into the Rome Grand Prix, winning a title to its name that season. The Ferrari 125S was scheduled for production that year, but was delayed due to damages caused to its Modena factory during World War II.

Ferrari later moved its production to Maranello, where the company still holds its iconic production facility. Over the next couple of decades, the company went on to build some of the most celebrated performance cars, winning several major races in Europe. Some of the notable victories include the Mille Miglia in 1948, the 24 Hours Le Mans in 1949, and the Formula One World Championship in 1951.

How does Ferrari make money?

Ferrari So Successful

Until the early 1950s, Ferrari cars were available only for the ultra rich enthusiasts and racing car drivers to take part in various racing events. It was Luigi Chinetti, Ferrari’s race car driver, who established the first Ferrari showroom in the US. The United States continues to be the most lucrative market for Ferrari, followed by Europe and the Middle East.

To understand where the true success for the company began, leading to its rapid expansion and growth, we have to go back to the 1960’s.

In 1962, Ferrari launched the 250 GTO, which went on to become the most iconic racing car of all time. It was after the launch of the 250 GTO, that the company witnessed substantial rise in fame, with Ferrari earning the title of Gentlemen’s Sports Car. After this, the company produced several popular models, some of which are mentioned below.

Famous Ferrari Models Current Market Value
F40 $1,000,000
F355 $300,000
365 GTB $640,000
288  GTO $2,365,000
Mondial 8 $100,000
308 GTS Quattrovalvole $100,000
348 TS $95,000
F430 Scuderia $300,000
Enzo $1,000,000
LaFerrari Aperta $5,000,000

Brand strategy of Ferrari

Ferrari Success

What started off as a mandatory regulation in Italy, became a brand marketing tactic for Ferrari. The glossy red color of Ferrari is a signature feature of the brand.

Italian supercars that were exported in the early 1960s were required to be painted in red. However, the regulation was dropped later, but Ferrari decided to carry forward its tradition of red colored supercars.

This created a strong psychological impact for Ferrari fans, developing a strong resonance between the color red and Ferrari. In fact, children in the early 2000s would draw a sports car and color it red, indicating it to be a Ferrari.

Enzo Ferrari once said, “Ask a child to draw a car, and certainly he will draw it red.”

For over 50 years, Ferrari has used the color red to create a strong brand development for itself. Most recently the company has developed different shades of red while offering bespoke specing of this color along with stripes and other patterns.

Ferrari’s legacy in Formula One

If you are a fan of the sport, you know the position the Ferrari racing team has held since the beginning. This racing team continues to be the longest-standing successful team in Formula 1.

Legendary drivers, like Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher, and Juan Manuel Fangio, have raced for this iconic racing team. These drivers rose to fame with several victories to their name while racing with Ferrari. The team has won the Formula 1 drivers title 15 times, for different seasons between 1952 and 2007.

Apart from manufacturing brilliant road-legal supercars, the success towards Ferrari has also come from its Formula 1 legacy. When people talk about sports cars, or racing in general the most common name they refer to is Ferrari. Therefore, the victories they have achieved in the sport has vastly contributed to their popularity as a supercar company.

Vision of Ferrari

Ferrari success vision

Ferrari has been successful for its performance, handling, splendid design and refinement. This prancing horse company from Italy has no intentions to thump the brakes when it comes to building mind boggling supercars. Ferrari is popular its high revving V12 engines. However, Ferrari aims to abide by the emission laws in Europe and hence, is moving towards a hybrid system.

Some of the recent cars have already been downsized in terms of engine capacity going from V12 powered to turbocharged V8. Models like LaFerrari, and SF90 Stradale, are hybrid cars produced by Ferrari.

Ferrari’s vision is to produce technologically advanced supercars that do not compromise with performance, handling and refinement. Most recently, the company launched its first ever SUV, the Purosangue 2023, expanding its segment from coupes, convertibles, grand tourers to SUVs. Now you the reasons that make Ferrari so successful.